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259 Outdoor pendant lamps

Ideal for illuminating spaces such as terraces, gardens, gazebos and walkways, outdoor pendant lamps respond to a dual function: to create outdoor lighting points and at the same time to furnish and decorate the environment. Hanging from the ceiling and ideal for lighting and embellishing verandas and gardens, the pendant lamps allow, in their variations of style, shapes, lines and materials, to customize outdoor spaces with classic or modern taste, always in the name of elegance and refinement. This type of outdoor lighting makes it possible to create innovative and special lighting effects and above all to highlight the areas dedicated and used for outdoor dining areas, for lunches and dinners in the open air.

Outdoor pendant lamps and light sources

Depending on the environment to be illuminated, the approach to choosing the right outdoor lamps changes. It is very important to be sure of the best and most suitable model. There are many aspects to take into account: from exposure to the weather and UV rays, to temperature changes and humidity levels. It should also be remembered that an outdoor lamp must always bear the wording for outdoor spaces and a certain IP value, i. e. the degree of Protection of the Enclosure. Among the most common pendant lamps we find LED pendant lamps for outdoor use, available in many finishes and materials and allowing to obtain considerable energy savings, halogen lamps, often used for lighting arcades and arcades or fluorescent lamps, also used in indoor environments and designed to distribute light very evenly.

Outdoor pendant lamps: materials suitable for every need

The desire to enjoy outdoor evenings in company is typical of the summer season. Furnishing the outside of a villa or house is part of creating a space where you can feel good and spend quality time with friends, family and relatives. Creating the right lighting atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace helps to harmonize the outdoor furniture, highlighting hidden spots or enhancing certain areas. In this regard, outdoor pendant lamps help in many ways, especially when it comes to lighting outdoor dining areas, so that you can enjoy your lunch or dinner in the open air to the fullest. These articles must have characteristics in materials that enable them to withstand the weather and different climatic conditions. They must also be equipped with a lighting effect that adapts well to the light needed in the outdoor environment. Among the various models there are the metal outdoor hanging lamps, resistant, suitable for a modern furnishing style and ideal for hotels, restaurants and residences, the glass outdoor lamps, which offer the possibility to play with light effects and transparencies, the ceramic models, for classic style environments, or the wooden lamps, such as bamboo, rattan or wicker.

Classic and modern outdoor pendant lamps

The world of garden and terrace lighting has grown considerably in recent times. As a result, it is now possible to equip your outdoor spaces in many different ways, creating lighting solutions that are in no way inferior to those indoors. Obviously, outdoor lighting is not only aimed at home gardens, but also at the open spaces of accommodation facilities, condominium common areas and any other open space that can be lived in. And if today you can choose from a wide range of garden lighting systems, it is also because very innovative technologies have been developed and perfected. First of all, it is impossible not to underline the fact that the world of lighting has experienced a real revolution thanks to the birth and diffusion of LED light. The modern outdoor pendant lamps are almost all LED, precisely to create pleasant atmospheres in the garden of the house, while also respecting the environment. Nevertheless, there are also classical suspension lamps such as those in the Venetian, rustic or country style, 100% safe and absolutely beautiful to see, or lamps with a particular design, original illuminating bodies able to amaze anyone who looks at them. The most important thing is to know how to match the outdoor furniture with the interior, to avoid creating an unpleasant distance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The ideal pendant lamp for your outdoor environment

In summer as well as in winter, the outdoors should be a living space thanks to the right furniture choices. During the warmer months you usually spend a lot of time in the garden or on the balcony and despite the longer days, artificial lighting is important to enjoy your space especially in the evening. In this case it is possible to use suspended outdoor lanterns, an alternative solution available in many models. In winter, on the other hand, despite spending less time outside, it is important to take care of the look of the gardens and terraces, creating more intimate atmospheres, perhaps giving them warm lighting. An interesting proposal comes from the adjustable external suspended lamps, to decide from time to time where and how to light. So, the choice of outdoor hanging lamps is never easy, and a lot depends on your personal taste and economic possibilities, but thanks to the infinite variety of materials, from aluminum to plastic, from glass to ceramic materials, from modern to classic, it will be possible to find the right solution, suitable for any kind of outdoor furnishing style. ... More ... less


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